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My Personal Transformation

While this is my personal transformation, this is also my story. It’s not eloquently written, or beautifully prosed.. but rather it’s a little gritty, a little long, and full of things that I faced as a young person & how I found my identity and finally – self peace. So if you’re down for a little story-time, pull up a chair!   Let’s rewind to when I was around 8 years of age. I remember standing in line and my friend (Jessica) was standing in front of me. Another child made the comment about how we were both so tiny. They then proceeded to compare the two of us – wondering who was actually the thinnest. At the age of...

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Where to start

IT IS SO EASY TO GET INTIMIDATED BY THE UNKNOWN. This applies to almost every avenue of our lives, but these unknown spaces in life — the spots where we aren’t sure what to do, how to do it, or where to even start — these help to shape who we are by pushing our self-motivation to the limit. When I first got my driver’s license as a teenager and had to go to a doctor’s appointment by myself for the very first time I was so intimidated! It sounds so simple now, but I’m sure we have all been through that part of life where you’re wondering, “What do I say when I walk in?” or “My mom always...

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