3g + Glute Loop

3g + Glute Loop

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It's finally here! I have been dreaming up the 3g Guide + Loop for a long while, and I'm so excited to finally share it with you. Here are a few things you'll recieve with the 3g Guide + Glute Loop:

- A premium cloth loop with grips on the inside for a no-slide exeperiance. I know the pain of rolling bands, and this loop will not roll during your workouts - yay! Plus, it's pretty.

- A guide with 30+ pages full of information, sass, workouts + tutorials.

- 8 weeks of lower body workouts that are Glute focused.

- Contains 20 workouts! Each workout is different and designed to help you progress without killing your body or spirit.

- Includes tutorials for each exercise within the guide, meaning you don't have to look anything up, or click over to another platform.

- Downloadable to your phone so you can carry it with you!

- The guide is super cute, just sayin'