Gem Gal bottle

Gem Gal bottle

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First, I want you to know how soft this bottle is. It's really soft. A literal joy to hold.

Okay now that that's covered, here's what it can do for you:

High quality materials: Made with stainless steel

How much will it hold? 16.9oz of liquid

Feel: For those who love a good texture, this bottle is a matte finish leaving it soft to the touch. You can use it as a pillow. You're welcome.

Hot & Cold: This bottle will keep hot beverages for 12 hours, and cold beverages for 24 hours

Vacuum Technology: Double-wall Vacuum Insulation Technology insulates internal and external temperatures. Your bottle will never sweat!

Leakproof: How frustrating is it to have a water bottle that leaks all over? This bottle seals perfectly, saving your outfits, car, etc from leaking!

Corrosion protection: This bottle is coated with an anti-corrosion coat that will protect against any rust or corrosion.

Easy to clean: This bottle does not hold on to any smells or odors from previous drinks. Once it is rinsed out, it's all fresh!

Look: It's cute.